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The Era of Antibody Sequencing

Antibody sequencing is a technique focuses on the determination of the amino acid sequence of an antibody, as well as which conformation the antibody adopts and the extent to which it is complexed with any non-peptide molecules. Discovering the structures and functions of antibodies in living organisms is an important tool for understanding cellular processes, and allows drugs that target specific metabolic pathways to be invented more easily.

The Rise of New Antibody Sequencing

With the development of biotechnology, antibody specialists have developed a novel strategy to determine the complete sequence of an antibody with unparalleled speed and accuracy. The technique combines all the advantages of existing methods is called “Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing” (DASS).

antibody sequencing

Antibody sequencing has now turned into a routine measurement that typically can be completed within 10 working days for IgGs. The method, on teh other hand, is applicable for all antibody formats, namely IgMs, fluorochrome conjugates, immobilized antibodies and mixtures. Creative Biolabs, an emerging qualified service provider in this field, showed their technique of antibody sequencing.

In the first step, the antibody is fragmented to peptides by a special technique, which creates up to 5000 different peptides per chain. This set of peptides will be analyzed by high end mass spectrometers to generate extensive sequence information. MS/MS spectra are then de Novo sequenced by the latest algorithms and matched against a database with related sequences. Special “in house” data mining tools allow Creative Biolabs to extract the sequence information from ten thousands of MS/MS spectra within hours.