The Next Step of Human genome project

The scientific community has completed the human genome map and medical genetic map. It is currently launching Cancer Genome Project.

5 years ago, when the first to genes, the public have been curious to ask: “what is the gene?” “What is the human genome project for what?” With the completion of human genome project sequencing work, “Where will human genome research go?” “When will the human genome project really benefit human health?” become hot topics of public concern.

Completing the human genome map and medical genetic map

Now the human genome project has finished a specific white genome map which can not represent the genome of yellow, black and other races. Before October last year, the human genome project completed a medical genetic map. The genetic map tried to choose more than 380 people with white, yellow, Mongoloid and Negroid races in the world, comparing their structure differences in the process of human evolution. Scientists hoped that they can be inspired by comparing the differences in the structure of the human race on the way of life and the clinical drug use.

Launching the cancer genome project

The international human genome project revealed the cancer genome project united by Britain and the United States has started 2 months ago in the United States. As the most direct and specific application of human genome project in medical practice, its goal is to apply the existing knowledge, tools and methods to the research of cancer genome, and to find out the variation of DNA in the DNA sequence level.

Cancer genome project in the United States is an innovative research program, with a total investment of $100,000,000. The current study focuses on brain cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer, which are three highest cancers in USA.

Although the cancer genome project has not yet formed like the human genome project, it has a clear plan that which countries will participate and what tasks each country will undertake. By 2020, personalized treatment will become possible.

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